A NEW book is being used to encourage parents to adopt more positive behaviour behind the wheel when driving with children.

Ziggy’s Sports Day, commissioned by The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland, will be distributed to all primary one classrooms at local schools to address parental behaviour in the car and the impact this can have on youngsters.

The project has been launched after research showed that children can adopt poor driving habits long before getting behind the wheel, based on what they see others doing.

Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, said: “Children begin picking up on driving behaviours from a young age, often mirroring what others say and do, so it’s vital that we teach positive road safety behaviours at this early stage.

“Children who regularly witness bad driving habits such as anger, frustration or texting behind the wheel may pick up these habits and carry them into adulthood as they begin to learn to drive themselves.”

Ziggy’s Sports Day focuses on three main areas – staying calm behind the wheel, being courteous to other drivers and making the car a phone-free zone.

Pupils will be encouraged to take the book home to read with their parents or carers.

Written by children’s author Lynda Kennedy and illustrated by Lynn Taylor, the story features a character called Ziggy who has recently landed on Earth and needs help navigating the planet’s road systems.

For more information, visit www.gosafewithziggy.com or www.dontriskit.info/kids-in-the-car.