BARRHEAD residents were being encouraged to take time to ‘make a difference’ to their town back in 2008 by taking part in a blooming great task.

Make a Difference Day, organised by Councillor Danny Devlin, aimed to get volunteers from community groups involved in helping to enhance their area.

The event was hailed as a great success, helping local people take greater pride in their community.

As part of the project, more than 4,000 flower bulbs were planted.

Councillor Devlin said at the time: “Make a Difference Day helps to bring the community together.

“Last year was a real success and we were able to enjoy the benefits this year and a few hours of your time can really help to make a difference.

“It just goes to show how spending a bit of time in the community can really help.

“People in Barrhead care about the town and last year’s event highlighted this.”

Make a Difference Day was held at Arthurlie Park and the groups taking part included Arthurlie Tenants and Residents Association, Craigheads Tenants and Residents Association, Dalmeny Tenants and Residents Association and Barrhead and Bourock Church Girl Guides.

Councillor Devlin added: “We managed to plant bulbs at the bit of grass at Stomyland Way beside the walkway that runs through the estate to the car park at Sunnyside Place.”