BARRHEAD Gala Day was cancelled for 2009 because of a lack of volunteers and funding.

The controversial decision was made by the five members of the management committee, including two pensioners and a couple with a young family who had many other commitments.

A spokeswoman for the committee said at the time: “We have reached this decision with heavy hearts.

“For the past five years, it has been the same people organising the gala day and a lot of work goes into it.

“We want to emphasise that this is a break and not a permanent cancellation.

“We intend for the Barrhead Gala to return in 2010, which is also the centenary year of Cowan Park.”

However, the spokeswoman added: “For that to happen, we need the people of Barrhead to get behind us and for as many people as possible to volunteer to help.”