A CHARITY is encouraging older people with hearing loss in East Renfrewshire to start benefitting from using hearing aids and become better informed about the full range of support available.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland is calling on people to get their hearing checked and, if necessary, make a GP appointment to get a referral for a thorough hearing test by an audiologist.

The charity’s Hear to Inform and Connect service, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, is holding information events at Neilston Library from 10am to 11am on Friday, October 26, and Friday, November 23.

Events will also be held at Busby Library from noon to 1pm on October 26 and November 23.

Malaika Rose, of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “We want to reassure many older East Renfrewshire residents that getting your hearing checked is a straightforward process and inform them of the benefits which hearing aids bring for people who have their deafness diagnosed as early as possible.

“We want to ensure more people are fully aware about the process of getting fitted with hearing aids programmed to meet their needs, so they can become better informed to make decisions about managing their hearing loss and be able to stay connected with family and friends.”