EFFORTS are underway to tackle overcrowding on trains to Neilston and Barrhead - confirmed as some of the busiest in Scotland.

Scotrail has said it is working to improve services after figures revealed four of the top 10 most overcrowded journeys in Scotland are on East Renfrewshire lines.

According to the report from Transport Scotland, the ninth most overcrowded journey in Scotland is the 17.27 Glasgow Central to Barrhead, running at 109 per cent of planned capacity.

The eighth most overcrowded is the 07.56 service from Glasgow Central to Barrhead, running at a 109 per cent, and the sixth most overcrowded is the 16.35 Glasgow Central to Neilston, running at 112 per cent of capacity.

Meanwhile, the 08.07 train from Neilston to Glasgow Central, which was the third busiest service in 2017, actually moved up the list in 2018 to become the second-most overcrowded rail journey in the country.

The three-carriage service carries 346 passengers but only has capacity for 282 seated and standing, meaning it runs at 123 per cent capacity.

Highlighting the figures, the Scottish Liberal Democrats called for more investment.

Transport spokesman Mike Rumbles said: “Commuters and tourists are shelling out more of their hard-earned money than ever before to perch in corridors on overcrowded trains.

“We will never tempt motorists out of their cars and onto public transport if being packed in like sardines is what they have to look forward to.”

ScotRail said it is working to improve services for customers with a £475million rolling stock investment, following billions of pounds worth of infrastructure upgrades by Network Rail.

In particular, it said the introduction of high-speed trains and the new class 385 electric trains will help to boost capacity for our customers.

Scotrail said the 07.55 Neilston to Glasgow Central is already operating with six carriages and it has started to introduce the modern class 380 on the route which should help to increase the number of seats.

A spokesperson added: “The work we are doing to introduce new and upgraded trains will significantly boost the number of seats available to our customers across the country.

“Customers across the network are already benefitting from the considerable investment in our trains.”