BARRHEAD beauty Jacqueline Coffield was leading a campaign to take cheerleading into the 21st century back in 2003.

Entertaining thousands of supporters at Hampden Park was already second nature to the 24-year-old member of the Scottish Claymores’ cheerleading team.

And she was happy to help the Claymores search for new talent as they embarked on a recruitment drive.

The Barrhead News called on young women across East Renfrewshire who had a passion for dance and entertainment to grab the chance to take centre stage.

The Scottish Claymores Cheerleaders was Scotland’s original and best professional sports dance team.

To celebrate their 10th birthday, the cheerleaders were searching for a brand new squad, with a brand new image, to take them into the 2004 NFL Europe season.

Out went the traditional big hair and pom-pom image and in was a sleek new uniform, dance routines straight from pop video choreographers in the USA and a punishing fitness regime.

Cheerleading manager Debbie Jackson said she was on the lookout for the whole package.

She added: “The image of cheerleading in Scotland needs a facelift. People still think of it as pom-poms and rah-rah-rah but we are going to bring a bit of the sex appeal and amazing dance skills that cheerleaders in the USA would bring.

“We are looking for intelligent, hard-working, attractive young ladies with great dance skills to make up our best squad ever.”