IN his debut feature for Barrhead High School’s new Journalism Club, George Reid, S2, quizzes a few members of the faculty to uncover curious stories from their past...

For a day, I went around the school asking teachers about the weirdest things they have done in school, to see if they’d tell me something sane…or insane.

My first victim was our beloved English teacher Miss Reid.

She said: “The weirdest thing I ever did was probably when I was in the pantomime in the old school.

“Some other teachers and I dressed up in 60’s hippy outfits and went on stage.

“It wouldn’t have been so embarrassing if we didn’t do a dab at the end!”

I also talked to head of English Mrs Richardson and she explained: “I don’t have a strange thing, but I do have an embarrassing one.

“I used to teach in Spain and the black board was pretty high up on a platform. I taught one day with heels on, I took a couple of steps forward and on my third step I fell down, and landed underneath one of the student’s desks. I lay there for a solid few minutes.”

I also persuaded Mr Shankland, computing expert, to talk about how he embarrassed a referee during a school football match (without too many punches).

Mr Shankland also fell over whilst singing on stage – falling seems to be a thing a lot of teachers do.

Mr Shankland has had a lot of bad and good moments in the school. He admits that his worst time in school was when he taught Science.

In a lesson, he didn’t produce sulphur dioxide properly and nearly choked to death!