WE are Barrhead High School’s brand new Journalism Club, and we have started writing articles for the Barrhead News.

We are very honoured to do this and really hope that you will enjoy reading our articles.

We are a diverse group of young people from different year groups, all with a passion for writing and sharing our opinions.

We will be writing about lots of different subjects, and things that we are interested in, such as our new school building and the school pantomime.

As well as that, we will be letting you know about all the great things we get up to at Barrhead High – trips, events, and sports included.

When we’re not writing, we get up to things like drawing, playing various instruments, watching television and lots of other things.

We hope you find our articles interesting to read, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with lots of the exciting things that are going on at Barrhead High.

(By Arianna Ahrens)