A CAMPAIGN has begun in Neilston to see a new housing development name its streets after soldiers who died in the First World War.

As the 100-year anniversary of the end of the war approaches, volunteers from Neilston War Memorial Association are calling for the village’s new Kirkton View development to have streets and places named after local soldiers.

The suggestion was made by Matt Drennan, secretary of the association, who says the gesture would be a fitting tribute to those who never returned from the war.

He said: “Neilston lost 156 lads during World War One – a horrendous level of loss for a wee village like ours.

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“Now, with the 100-year anniversary of the end of The Great War, our community would like to see these brave lads remembered at home by the naming of places and streets after them in their village.

“This would not be a celebration of the war, but a commemoration of the soldiers who died. 

“We have a 1,000-year history and many of the names of estates and streets are lazy and have little relation to the village.

“Our association has contacted the contractor, Taylor Wimpey, and our local Labour Councillor Paul O’Kane at East Renfrewshire Council to see if we can open a discussion to have this development aptly named after the lads that never came home.”

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The initial suggestion has been well supported online, as well as by stakeholders in the project, which will bring 140 new homes to the village. 

A number of villagers have expressed their delight at the project, while Cllr O’Kane has backed the proposal.

He said: “Often streets get named without any local relevance so it will be nice to have something more individual. This is very special because of the centenary year, as well as highlighting all of the work done by the War Memorial Association.”

There has also been encouragement for the idea from Taylor Wimpey, who contacted Neilston War Memorial Association to show their support.

Stephen Andrew, technical director for Taylor Wimpey West Scotland, said: “We think this is a fitting tribute and a great opportunity for our development of new homes to link to the local community while also remembering its history.”