Neilston residents have asked to meet police bosses in a desperate attempt to halt ongoing youth disorder.

Last month, the Barrhead News reported that crowds of teenagers had been descending on the village, bringing underage drinking and yobbish behaviour.

At a meeting of Neilston Community Council, residents from Crofthead Cottages told of the horrors, including sex acts performed in their streets and gardens.

One resident said: “This is beyond a joke. I had a young guy masturbating at my gate and teenage girls pleasuring boys in the street.

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Our driveways have become toilets right in front of our eyes.”

Another said: “Neilston is under siege. They are lawless and are getting away with it.”

The disturbance is not limited to those in their homes, with one resident claiming they had to care for a girl who had a seizure.

Police officers from the problem-solving team attended the Glen Hall meeting to discuss the issues and confirmed mounted police and off-road vehicles had been deployed and seizures of alcohol had taken place.

It was decided a meeting should be held yesterday (September 11) to address the problem, with residents requesting the attendance of the police’s area commander.

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However, in a statement, Neilston Community Council said: “Unfortunately, Police Scotland are unable to attend on September 11 or the alternative dates suggested.

“The Community Council feels that without the senior police officers in attendance to listen to the concerns of the village there would be little point in such a meeting. Some residents also feel the authorities have ignored their complaints in this regard.”

Area Commander, Chief Insp John McQuilter, said: “A senior police officer has already met with local council representatives where it was explained due to the ongoing issues in Neilston, the local Problem Solving Teams have been engaging directly with residents affected.

“This has received positive feedback and we will continue in an attempt to resolve the issue.

“This is in addition to the assurance given at the Neilston Community Council meeting, which again received positive feedback from those affected.”

However, after discussions at the community council meeting, many members of the public remained unimpressed.

One resident said: “What we need is a vigilante group. If enough like-minded people got together I bet it would fix the issue.”

Another said: “We need to speak to senior police officers. We are the victims of this terrible behaviour. It is only a matter of time before, god forbid, someone is raped or murdered.”