A PONY that had been missing for two weeks was found safe and well in 2008, thanks to the Barrhead News.

Bambi was spotted at Fereneze Golf Course by a concerned local who recognised her after reading an appeal for information in the previous week’s newspaper.

After the police were contacted, the pony’s owner, Elizabeth Mitchell, was informed of her whereabouts and arrangements were made to collect her.

At the time, Barrhead woman Elizabeth, along with her children Jennifer and David, said they were “over the moon” to be reunited with Bambi.

“We were so excited on Friday night when we got the news,” added Elizabeth.

“The golf course is outwith the areas we had been desperately searching but it makes sense because, when we went to get her, she was busy eating the trees and shrubs – and she likes her food.

“She was in great condition, with no injuries or problems. We were just so happy to see her.

“After a fortnight of her being missing, we had started to lose all hope of finding her but now we are absolutely over the moon.

“We would like to thank officers at Barrhead police station and the Barrhead News for all their help, as well as the kind person who found her.”

The much-loved pony went missing from the farm near Fereneze Road some time during the night, leaving her owners mystified.

They initially feared she had been stolen and that they would never get her back.