A CAMPAIGN has been launched to save lives by installing public access defibrillators across Barrhead.

Following on from the success of similar campaigns in Neilston and Uplawmoor, a group of Barrhead residents is now keen to install as many as 10 such devices.

At present, there are two defibrillators in the town but both are housed within buildings that can only be accessed during office hours.

Members of Barrhead Rotary are keen to introduce public access defibrillators (PADs) which can be used in an emergency if a member of the public suffers a cardiac arrest.

Barrhead Rotary spokesman Douglas Yates said: “It’s not good enough that we don’t have any of these in Barrhead.

“There is one in Uplawmoor and more than one in Neilston but Barrhead has none. There are defibrillators but what happens when these buildings are closed?

“Eventually we would like to get 10 of these put in but that is quite ambitious.

“I would like the Rotary to be able to spearhead a campaign to install PADs but we need to bring others into play as well.”

Earlier this year, the Scottish Government released a guide to locally installing the devices, which stated that “PADs are key to strengthening community readiness to respond to an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest”.

Bosses at the Auchenback Resource Centre have given their support to the scheme and have said they would consider housing one on the outside of their building.

Tesco in Barrhead and Barrhead Health and Care Centre have also expressed an interest.

But before any PADs can be put in place, campaigners will first need to raise funds for the equipment, costing as much as £2,500 per kit.

In order to do this, Douglas plans to work alongside Neilston and Uplawmoor First Responders, whose successful campaign will soon see another PAD installed in Lugton.

He added: “I have had a conversation with the first responders and they are very keen to work with us on this. They are doing some very good work and this is something we’d like to replicate.

“We are still in the early stages but, hopefully, this will get the ball rolling and people will think about why these are needed.”