THIS happy couple celebrated their wedding day more than 90 years ago – but for 37 years the photo was hidden under floorboards.

The remarkable photograph from 1923 was found after Barrhead woman Angela Smith moved into her new home at Stormyland Way in 2008.

Unfortunately there were very few details on the photograph but it did say on the back ‘Jo and Mary wedding’, so the Barrhead News appealed for anyone who recognised the couple or might be a relative to get in touch.

Speaking from her Craigheads home, Angela, said: “It was a complete accident that I discovered the photograph.

“I was actually re-decorating when my foot went through one of my floorboards, I had a look underneath the floor and that is when I saw the photograph.

“It just seemed a shame that it was left under there when it could belong to someone in the town.

“The photograph is still in good condition and I would like it to be returned to relatives of the couple.

“It would be nice to also find out a bit more about the couple as well.”

Angela believed the photograph must have been brought to her home 37 years earlier when the flats at Craigheads were built.

She added: “I think the photograph has been there for a long time. “Chances are that it belonged to someone living in the flat before I moved in it may well be that they moved out and forgot all about the photo.

“It may have belonged to a relative or a friend of the couple but it would be nice if someone came forward.

“When I discovered the photo I put it in my kitchen drawer and a few weeks later I passed on the photograph to a friend who contacted the Barrhead News.

“This is a piece of history and I hope that someone is a relative of the couple.”