A DAREDEVIL reverend has thanked her supporters after raising cash for a worthy cause by abseiling from the Forth Bridge.

Pamela Gordon, who is minister at Bourock Parish Church, took the plunge by dropping more than 163 feet for faith-based charity CrossReach.

After completing the impressive leap of faith, Pamela told the Barrhead News that she had a wonderful time.

She added: “I had a great view from the top. I just tried to enjoy it while I could and not look down.

“I did a similar thing a few years ago when I abseiled off the Finnieston Crane, in Glasgow, for charity, so I knew what I was getting myself into.

“The hardest part was actually climbing over the edge. After that, it all came back to me and it was easy.

“It was Glasgow Climbing Centre who organised it and they were great, so I can’t thank them enough.”

After counting up donations from her supporters, Pamela realised that she had smashed her initial target by more than £100, raising around £700 for CrossReach, where her cousin Sheila works.

The pair completed the Forth Bridge abseil together, offering each other moral support along the way.

And there was a twist in the tale for Pamela, as an anonymous donor got in touch to say they would match her fundraising total for CrossReach – but only at a price.

Pamela explained: “I now have the chance to double my funds, as an anonymous donor has said they will match my total. However, they have said they’ll only do it if I sing a solo in church.

“My original total was £575 and I thought that would be good but we have managed to raise more than £700 now and the donations are still being collected.

“I’ll be happy with whatever we end up with.

“I’d really like to thank everyone who has helped me, especially those who I’ve never met. We got a lot of support from the Church of Scotland as well, so thanks to them for sharing this.

“I’m sure I won’t get any thanks on Sunday when I sing for the congregation but I’ll try to get it over with as soon as possible, so they don’t have to suffer for too long.

“I’m really quite embarrassed about it but the agony won’t be too prolonged.”