COMMUTERS have called for improved transport links between Glasgow and Barrhead following severe rail disruption brought about by the summer heat.

Scotrail cancelled all trains from Glasgow Central high level last Wednesday, just in time for the evening rush hour, due to ‘multiple points failures’ near the station.

The company said this was due to high temperatures, which reached around 30C.

ScotRail arranged for passengers to be able to use their tickets on local bus services, but for Barrhead residents this was no easy solution.

Commuters on social media complained of waiting for hours in Glasgow Central with no information and struggled to find buses.

Fiona Stewart, who works in an office in the city’s east end, said she felt like crying when she reached Glasgow Central to find she couldn’t get a train to Barrhead.

She said: “It was absolutely horrific, complete chaos in the station with no-one knowing what to do. I rely on the train getting home.

“They were announcing in the station you could just use your tickets on the buses, but there’s not many Glasgow buses which go to Barrhead and if there aren’t any buses, it’s a problem.

“I don’t even know when the McGills buses run, but they take an hour to get to Barrhead. I have MS and luckily I’m able to work, but in this weather everything is more of a struggle. The last thing I want is to be trapped on a hot bus for all that time.”

Fiona was eventually able to get a bus to Shawlands, where her husband picked her up, but she said she would like to see commuter links to Barrhead improve.

She said: “They have a lot of issues on that train line, because they’re overcrowded every night. It’s dreadful. I don’t understand why they can’t put another carriage on.

“We certainly don’t have enough buses and it’s not a reliable service.”

A ScotRail Alliance spokesman said: “We apologise to customers affected by this disruption and understand their frustration.

“Anyone delayed by 30 minutes or more is entitled to compensation. To claim, keep hold of your ticket and visit our website.”