AN extremely lucky Barrhead pensioner is celebrating after beating near million-to-one odds to scoop £450 of prize money at his golf club.

Kenny Hill, 71, who plays at Fereneze Golf Club, takes part in the 100 Club draw competition every month, which offers players a one-in-100 chance at winning.

And the keen golfer, who lives just a stone’s throw from the clubhouse on Maxton Grove, was lucky enough to walk away with the top prize three months in a row – a scenario with just a 0.000001 per cent chance of happening.

The former IT project manager said: “I was pretty happy when the first draw was made in April, just slightly lucky as I don’t ever win anything.

“By May I had won the draw for a second time and I was quite shocked, but when my number was drawn for the third time in three months it was unbelievable.

“I just couldn’t believe it was me. I did think about putting it back in and letting someone else win – but only for a second.

“Some of the other members have been ribbing me a bit, we even had to empty the numbers all out to check there hadn’t been some sort of mistake.

“Now I’m waiting for the next one to see just how lucky I am.”

The feat falls into roughly the same level of likelihood as a number of laughable scenarios, sitting with a one-in 979,299 likelihood.

These include a one-in-700,000 chance of being killed by a meteor.

Statistically, Kenny is also more likely to have dated a supermodel – one in 880,000 – or to win an Olympic gold medal (one in 662,000).

Having just returned from holiday, Kenny now has plans to keep his winnings “under the floorboards” while he saves up for a new golf buggy to use at the club.

His lucky number, which stayed the same throughout all three draws, will now go into the draw again this week.

The chances of him scooping a prize again stretch to around nearly 10 million to one, roughly the same as being killed by a lightning strike.

Club secretary Alan Bowen said: “We all just thought, ‘not again’, when Kenny’s lot was drawn.

“For the third one we wanted to make sure it was all done properly so we got one of the member’s wives to come and pull out the winner and be a witness.

“For a while we were really worried. It’s just remarkable really.”