Police are stepping up checks on motorists they suspect to be under the influence of drink or drugs as part of a summer campaign.

Over the next two weeks, officers will carry out intelligence-led, high-visibility patrols and roadside checks to snare offenders.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams said: “For many of us, the holiday season is just about to start, so if you’re heading out to socialise and will be drinking alcohol, please consider ‘how am I going to get home?’ Whether it’s walking, catching the bus or train or arranging to share a taxi, please keep your car keys in your pocket.

“Help us to keep our roads safe for everyone this summer.”

Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf added: “It is a minimum 12-month driving ban if you are caught, a criminal record, a substantial fine and the possibility of a prison sentence. Drink-driving wrecks lives, so it is simply not worth it for the sake of one drink.”