Youth unemployment is down across Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire despite overall unemployment taking a spike, new figures have revealed. 

The Government’s regional labour market statistics show that both areas have seen unemployment decrease by nearly 10 per cent for those aged 18-24 since 2017.

However, overall unemployment rates have seen an increase of 6 per cent in both East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire since last year. 

Nora Sheridan, Employer and Partnership Manager for the Department of Work and Pensions, said: “There have been no big redundancies this month. 

“The only explanation for the rise is that there has been a downturn in the labour market. Compared to 2010 we are still doing well. 

“Youth unemployment has fallen as well which is key at the moment for us. It is the over 25s that are the issue. 

"We are trying to be a bit more innovative in our approach to helping people close the gap to the labour market.”