BANK holiday parking confusion in East Renfrewshire has led to calls for fines to be rescinded and traffic regulations alleviating congestion to be scrapped on the days off. 

Councillor David Macdonald wants rush-hour restrictions to be lifted on bank and public holidays after several motorists were ticketed for breaking the rules on May 28.

He said: “I feel the council should recognise the ridiculous nature of issuing a fixed penalty to any vehicles in these rush-hour zones on a very quiet bank holiday. 

However, staff at East Renfrewshire Council say it is up to the council’s elected members to consider the issue. 

A spokesman added: “The parking restrictions that are in place across East Renfrewshire were approved by the council in 2013.

“Any departure from current arrangements would require to be considered by the council. 

“The right of appeal is open to anyone who feels they may have been issued with an enforcement notice wrongly.”