A NEW addition to a familiar roof in Barrhead has been getting a bird’s eye view of the town – and confusing a few locals at the same time.

Soaring proudly above Barrhead Foundry, a peculiar imitation of a hawk now towers over the building and even flies in the wind. 

And it has got locals talking, with many questioning where the bird came from and why it is there. 

According to East Renfrewshire Council, the faux feathered friend is going to assist with works that will be taking place on the roof of the building during the summer.

The ‘birds’ are reportedly quite commonly used in construction, particularly on sites which could be prone to birds nesting, but the council have made it clear that the eagle-eyed addition to The Foundry will not be nesting there on a permanent basis.

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “As part of the ongoing work currently taking place on the roof of The Foundry, the contractors have put this temporary measure in place to deter birds from nesting on the roof whilst the works are completed. 

“This will allow the works to be carried out during the summer months and will be removed once the works are completed.”