Artwork created by pupils at a Newton Mearns school has been selected for an exhibition on the rubbish littering the world’s oceans.

Isobel Mair School was chosen as the winner in a competition which asked schools across the country to conjure up a piece of art that represents their thoughts on how 80 per cent of litter in our seas comes from land.

The students’ victorious entry is a jellyfish made from plastic cups and bags, inspired by their learning how some sea creatures can mistake everyday plastic shopping bags for the stinging, tentacled ocean dwellers.

Some of the pupils who took part in the art project said: “We created a jellyfish using plastic to highlight the issues of plastic pollution and marine litter which is a huge problem we all need to play a part in reducing.

“In our school, the plastic cups making up our jellyfish are no longer in use as we helped eliminate single use plastic with our #oneuseisnouse campaign.

“We are going to do our best to continue the fight against marine litter and plastic pollution.”

The competition was organised by Blair Drummond Safari Park in collaboration with environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful and Catherine Gee, of the charity, praised the event and the work of the pupils.