Residents of Auchenback are fed up after a recent spate of car vandalisms has left locals with hefty repair bills. 

Several incidents across Barrhead, with most in the Auchenback area, have left cars and a motorcycle damaged. 

Ian Fox, 32, who lives in the scheme, is one of those affected after the leather seat of his Suzuki motorbike was slashed open. 

He said: “This is something that has been going on for a while, but you don’t really realise the impact it has until it happens to you. 

“This will cost me £100. I have stayed in rough areas before but people always had respect. Not here.”

Ian is not the only concerned resident who has taken their complaints to both the police and local politicians. 

East Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton has been receiving calls from people living in Auchenback about the damages caused. 

He said: “The rise in vandalism in Barrhead is of deep concern. Many local residents have contacted my office about the rise and we are currently in correspondence with the council. 

“Any information I receive will be shared with those impacted. I will also be seeking an update from Police Scotland.”

As a result of the recent increase, East Renfrewshire Police have now taken action to deal with the problem. 

Sergeant Michael Morgenthaler said: “Our problem solving teams are aware a number of vandalisms and we are now concentrating our efforts in that area. 

“We would encourage anyone with information to come forward.”

But 32-year-old Mr Fox claimed there had been no noticeable response. 

He added: “There has been no visible change here in police levels.

“It takes something sharp to do that to a bike. 

“If that was a person it would do some serious damage to them.”