A CONSULTATION exercise has been launched to seek views on plans to change the law to make sure people have a “responsible and informed approach” to owning a dog.

Animal charities, including the Scottish SPCA and Dogs Trust, are backing the Member’s Bill from SNP MSP Christine Grahame, who hopes it will help “tackle the horrors and misery of so-called puppy farms.”

The legislation would ensure everyone who breeds and then sells, or transfers ownership of a puppy, is either licensed or registered.

In addition, it plans to “provide a mechanism for ensuring a more responsible and informed approach to acquiring and owning a puppy or dog.”

Mike Flynn, chief superintendent with the Scottish SPCA, said: “We fully support and welcome Christine Grahame’s bill proposal, which is in line with our campaign that encourages the public to be more responsible sellers and buyers of puppies.”

Jen Terris, campaign manager for the Dogs Trust in Scotland, added: “We urge anyone to do thorough research before buying a puppy to help them make sensible choices and to avoid being tricked into buying a poorly-bred puppy.”

To take part in the consultation, visit www.parliament.scot/gettinginvolved/108400.aspx.