CHILDREN in Renfrewshire and East Renfrewshire have come out ahead in the level of support given to pupils with conditions such as autism. 

Some of the country’s most vulnerable pupils are facing a postcode lottery over how much help they are given in schools, but pupils in the two local authorities fare better than most. 

Figures show a significant difference in the proportion of pupils with complex difficulties being given a co-ordinated support plan (CSP). 

These give some legal protection for children to ensure additional provisions are put in place.

While not all children with additional support needs (ASNs) require a CSP, it has an important status because it requires that councils ensure pupils receive appropriate support.

In Renfrewshire, 5.3 per cent of pupils with ASNs have a CSP, while the figure for East Renfrewshire is 3.9% – the two highest rates in the country.

These figures are significantly higher than most areas of Scotland, with the rate in some local authorities as low as 0.1%. 

A Scottish Children’s Services Coalition spokesman said: “The disparity in those with a CSP between those in the least and most deprived areas is worrying. If we are to close the educational gap, it is key that we target the resourcing to achieve those on those in the most deprived communities.”