A NEILSTON family were left up to their knees in mud 15 years ago as water bosses couldn’t find a leak in their pipe.

Jane and Stephen Fleming, of Craig Cottage, in Kingston Road, told how they were fed up with flooding that was turning their garden into a messy bog.

And they pleaded with Scottish Water to step in to fix the leak that was causing the problem.

Jane said at the time: “We stay just behind the waterworks station and have had water coming into the garden for almost a year now. 

“We spent a few months trying to find out if it was our problem. When we discovered it wasn’t, we then contacted the water board to find out if they could fix it.

“First of all they told us that it’s a burst pipe but they don’t know where it is, so they can’t fix it. Then a string of people came out to look at our garden and the surrounding area but nothing was getting done.”