Local politicians hit out at the government for failing to deliver on a new building for Barrhead High a decade ago.

It followed a report by Audit Scotland which stated it could take up to 20 years to make all schools in Scotland fit for purpose, despite billions of pounds of investment.

Jim Murphy MP and Ken Macintosh MSP launched a petition in September 2007 asking for the support of the public to secure funding for building a new Barrhead High, as well as extra investment for St Luke’s High.

They then lashed out at the SNP for “having failed to commission one new school since being elected”.

Mr Macintosh said: “The SNP were elected on a promise to match Labour’s school building programme ‘brick for brick’ but, as the Auditor General has now confirmed, they have yet to lay one brick.

“The contrast between the new Carlibar Primary and Barrhead High could not be clearer. What must pupils leaving Carlibar Primary think when they arrive at Barrhead High?

“Our young people have to make do with a building well past its sell-by date. Our pupils deserve better.”