This is an open letter to the man I encountered at a pharmacy recently...

Dear loudmouth, how ya living? Is it large? Because the way you went off at the poor member of staff makes it seem like you’re some form of king.

You decided you’d had enough of waiting and pushed forward.

You told the poor pharmacist that you had been asked to wait two minutes but had ended up waiting half an hour.

After the lady apologised, you then told her, us and (based on how loud you were talking) a few sailors off the south coast of Australia that you’re a successful businessman.

Okay, good for you. I’m a successful doughnut eater but that doesn’t mean I shout about it to everybody.

“I’m a successful businessman and the product has to be good,” you said.

Again, when the lady tried apologising, you told her: “I’m not having a go at you, you should hire more staff.”

And when she agreed and said that they’d discussed it with the manager, you then told her again about your business success.

Here’s a tip – if you have to tell people how successful you are, you’re not that much of a success.

At that point, you stormed off, telling her you wouldn’t be back. Except the chemist has your prescription, so you kind of need to go back.

In closing, let’s think about what we can take away from this. Firstly, don’t be rude to people – or you might find yourself being written about in next week’s Barrhead News...