GLASGOW Airport’s rail link to the city centre is unlikely to be complete within the timescale, councillors have been informed.

The project has been given a red warning status meaning there is a risk to delivery.

It is the only one of the city deal programmes to have the highest risk warning escalated from amber.

It was due to be operational by 2024 but that is now looking ambitious as the project has stalled amid concerns that it would impact on the wider rail network and the budget is not enough to deal with knock on effects.

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The latest Programme status Report put the timeline for the Airport Access project as a Red risk.

The report stated the Airport Access Project: “Has now been escalated to a Red status in recognition of the risk to project delivery and will require all stakeholders to work collaboratively to deliver the project by 2024.”

A previous report for transport Scotland by consultants Jacobs had concerns about the economic benefits of the project and about the impact of extra trains from Glasgow to paisley on the wider rail network.

The city deal councils agreed not to spend any more money until the issues had been resolved.

It is understood that talks have yet to take place between officials from Glasgow and Renfrewshire with Transport Scotland over the concerns.

Frank McAveety, Labour Group leader said: “Our group view is clear we want the Airport rail link to be committed to and any problems be addressed.

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“This is extremely disappointing for a project that is long overdue. It is time to get the finger out and time to deliver. This is of major economic importance to Glasgow and the west of Scotland.

“We have been disappointed before and we do not want this to lead to the same outcome as before.”

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council, said: "The City Region Cabinet agreed to take the appropriate time to consider a report from consultants Jacobs and ensure the project is able to lever the economic, social and environmental benefits that it has the potential to deliver. Officers are currently working with Jacobs and Transport Scotland to examine all of those factors.”