Members of church congregations across Barrhead marched through the town in a show of solidarity.

The Walk of Witness event took place on Good Friday, setting off from St John’s Church before making its way to other places of worship.

Those taking part said prayers and sang hymns at each of the venues, with the walk finishing at the United Reformed Church.

Once there, marchers were treated to a cup of tea or coffee, some soup and the chance to enjoy a chat.

Helen Kavanagh, treasurer at the United Reformed Church, is delighted the event was such a success.

She said: “This is something that we do every year and it can be very popular.

“We have had up to 80 or 90 people come along in the past.

“This year’s walk started at St John’s and then everyone headed along to the our church hall for the social part of the day.”

Leaving at 10.30am, the walk lasted for around an hour and attracted dozens of people, representing all ages and from all churches in Barrhead.

The Walk of Witness movement grew out of a belief in the power of Christ working through united Christians witnessing, working and walking together.

Organisers say the aim is to highlight what can be achieved when people pull together, rather than focusing on any differences they may have.

This is something that is consistent with the work being done at churches across Barrhead, where congregations often support each other’s fundraising and community events.

The Walk of Witness was part of a packed programme of Easter celebrations organised by local churches.

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