Police have issued a warning to parents following a road rage incident at an East Renfrewshire school.

The dust-up took place at Mearns Primary, prompting cops to remind mums and dads that such incidents could lead to a criminal conviction.

Details of the clash emerged during a meeting of East Renfrewshire Council’s cabinet.

Councillor Caroline Bamforth, who represents Newton Mearns South and Eaglesham, said the incident was sparked by a row over parking.

She spoke out as Police Scotland revealed that 81 people, including two children, were injured on East Renfrewshire’s roads between April and December last year.

Cllr Bamforth told the meeting: “I have had a lot of calls this week because we’re having issues at Mearns Primary.

“There was a bit of a road rage incident where drivers were chasing each other last week because people were double parking or triple parking. It was witnessed by several people.

“I know the police were called on a couple of occasions.”

Superintendent Donna Henderson said such behaviour is “just not acceptable.”

She added: “If there’s a specific issue around Mearns Primary, then we can have a meeting to rectify that.

“With road rage, we can take a whole different approach and it can very much be classed as criminal activity.”

In his report to the meeting, Chief Superintendent Brian McInulty said concerns have been raised about the safety of children in and around primary schools at the start and end of the school day.

He added: “Campus officers are working with East Renfrewshire roads and transportation department to progress the longer term ‘park and stride’ project, which aims to discourage drivers from bringing vehicles into the close proximity of schools and to encourage the healthy aspects of walking to school.”

The incident was highlighted just months after East Renfrewshire Council launched its Go Safe East Ren initiative, aimed at promoting road safety near schools.

An East Renfrewshire Council spokeswoman said: “We are aware of reports of inconsiderate parking at schools and it is very disappointing that parents and guardians are acting in this way.

“We would like to ask anyone picking up or dropping off at a school to remember that parking laws apply and to make responsible decisions on where to stop.”