BARRHEAD’S recycling centre is being used as a dumping ground for the West of Scotland.

Brazen members of the public are travelling from Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Glasgow to dump their junk at the facilities on Calibar Road – even though it is exclusively for the use of East Renfrewshire council tax payers.

Those who use the facilities legitimately fear the extra use will lead to problems with capacity and even a rise in council tax as a result.

East Renfrewhire Council has now introduced stringent ID checks at Barrhead Recycling Centre in an effort to to combat ineligible use of the facilities.

Kim Allan, from Neilston, uses the facilities regularly and has welcomed the new move.

She said: “I have no issues with being checked.

“The gentleman at the site was very polite and explained that other people from outwith East Renfrewshire were using the dump and that was increasing costs for our council.

“If that money can be saved and extra costs not passed to residents then why shouldn’t we be checked.

“Other councils do it so why not?”

However, others are concerned the checks may lead to an increase in flytipping in the area if East Renfrewshire residents do not come to the dump prepared.

Julie Rocks, also from Neilston, said: “It is ridiculous, you should be able to use any place, anywhere.

“We have a van and always need ID but it’s a bit much when cars have to do it too.

“People are going drive away and dump it on back roads if they are on way to somewhere in a hurry.

“It’s going to cause fly tipping, it’s nonsense.”

The council confirmed all household waste and recycling centres operated by the council are for use by East Renfrewshire residents only.

A spokesman added: “With a number of ineligible people using our Barrhead site recently, we have now put additional measures in place to verify that those visiting are entitled to do so.

“All vehicles visiting the site must be able to provide proof of address within East Renfrewshire.

“The requirement for vans or cars with trailers to pre-book, and provide proof of address, has been in place for a number of years. “Cars do not need to book in advance.

“All local authorities put in place whatever measures are deemed necessary to ensure recycling centres can be effectively used by local residents.”