A QUICK-THINKING Barrhead cadet put her first aid training into practise as she rushed to the aid of a stricken pensioner.

Rachel Ward, 16, of the Barrhead Lowland Battalion Army Cadets, was working in the kitchen at an event at Williamwood High School when she spotted the elderly man take a tumble down some stairs.

Thanks to her first aid training with the cadets, Rachel was able to keep a cool head and give the man the attention he needed.

She told the Barrhead News: “I just turned around and saw a wee old man fall down the stairs and split his head.

“I went straight forward and tried to help him. I reassured him, we got a cloth and the blood kept coming but eventually we cleaned him up and made sure he was okay.

“At the cadets, they set up various scenarios where people needed first aid and you had to think on your feet.

“I think that helped me because I wasn’t shocked or scared or anything, I just thought about our training and tried to remember what we had been told to do.”

There were around 300 people at the event, many of whom were adults and Phil Williamson, an instructor at Barrhead Lowland Battalion Army Cadet said he was very impressed that Rachel was first to react.

He said: “We know that her mum is really proud of her and of course we all are as well.

“Other people Rachel’s age or even older may be a bit squeamish at the sight of blood or just be overwhelmed by the situation but Rachel went straight in.”

The Barrhead detachment is looking ahead to the winter shut down on December 21, but Phil and Rachel are hoping many more members sign up in the new year.

Rachel, who hopes to become a nurse in the future, said: “I think it is really important to be part of something like the cadets. You meet a lot of different people and it teaches you values and respect and also life lessons like the training.

I decided to join because my uncle James was a cadet and he inspired me but there really is something to benefit everyone.”