A TEAM of officers which is targeting evil drug dealers has warned them: “You’ve got nowhere to hide.”

Sergeant Jim Boyle heads up the Barrhead-based Problem Solving Team – a specialist unit which is using “old-fashioned” police techniques to put dealers out of business.

And the Problem Solving Team officers have no intentions of letting up.

Successful searches have been carried out at a number of properties in the Auchenback, Arthurlie and Dunterlie areas of Barrhead, as well as parts of Newton Mearns.

Sgt Boyle told the Barrhead News: “The misery and harm that illegal drugs cause throughout East Renfrewshire and Scotland in general is unacceptable.

“My team will continue to target drug dealers within the East Renfrewshire area and anyone who is involved in the supply of drugs should not be surprised if they get a visit from the Problem Solving Team or one of the divisional specialist pro-active crime teams.

“We have found all sorts of drugs in Barrhead just through stop-searches. These include heroin, cannabis and street Valium.

“We do all our own work and it’s done by communicating with people.

“It’s good, old-fashioned community policing. People recognise the team and they get to know us.

“Information is gathered from a wide variety of sources but, if anyone has any information on drugs or drug dealing within the Barrhead area, please pass it on.”

Drug dealing is not the Problem Solving Team’s only area of expertise.

The unit also works to tackle violent crime, anti-social behaviour and house break-ins across the region.

According to Sgt Boyle, one of the biggest factors which contributes to violence in the town is unruly youths, whose parents are often unaware of their whereabouts.

He added: “Parents may not be fully aware of where their kids are and get a shock when they find out they are with people who have drugs, alcohol or even weapons.

“We have recovered knives, chibs made from pool cues and knuckledusters on youths as young as 14.

“That is done through pro-active policing. It’s going out on the streets and there is nothing fashionable about it.”

If you have information about drug dealing or other crimes, call Barrhead Police Office on 101 or speak to officers who are on patrol.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.