IT was shaping up to be the most important match in Scottish history but a Barrhead family were at war over who would win – Scotland or Italy.

Italian Eric Santi, owner of Al Pino restaurant on Cross Arthurlie Street, and his Scots wife Laura found themselves at odds over the crunch match 10 years ago.

Eric was hoping Italy would batter Scotland, while Laura wanted our national team to send the Italians home-ward to think again.

He explained: “I am supporting Italy because that is where my roots come from and you can’t beat Italian football but my wife is wanting Scotland to win so you could say it is a family at war over football.”

Father-of-four Eric was hopeful Italy would fry Scotland in the crucial Euro 2008 qualifier at Hampden.

Eric said: “I am a massive Italy fan and my son Carlos is studying in Italy just now so I know that he is backing the team.”

But his three other sons Paul, Marco and Dominic were supporting Scotland with their mum.

Eric added: “I think it is great that Italy are playing Scotland I am hoping that the Italians take the three points.”