Passers-by had to take a second look when they encountered Barrhead man Douglas McEwan in 2007.

Douglas, who had spent four years perfecting the look of Sean Connery as James Bond, took a tour of the town, with the Barrhead News in tow.

He wanted to be recognised as the world’s best impersonator of the Scots star.

But there was one thing standing in this 007’s way – a rival Bond in America.

John Allen was, at that time, the holder of an Oscar-style award for the Most Impressive Impersonation of a Screen Legend.

The Sean Connery impersonator beat Robert De Niro, John Wayne and Jack Nicholson look-alikes at a glamorous ceremony in Las Vegas to win the title.

But 52-year-old Douglas had his eye on the crown and, had it been down to the residents of Barrhead, he’d have won it there and then.

The married father-of-three had shoppers shaken and stirred when he hit the town centre.

Surprised shopper Beverley Mel came to a sudden halt in the frozen food aisle when she saw Douglas.

She said: “I immediately thought ‘Is that Sean Connery?’”