Youngsters at St Luke’s High have been demonstrating their competitive streak and intellect in equal measure in recent weeks.

And members of the Barrhead school’s Press Club were there to report back on each achievement.

Here is Emily Wilson’s report on an impressive victory by St Luke’s High in the East Renfrewshire Schools Golf Competition, which saw a trio of St Luke’s High pupils take home the coveted trophy:

A team from St Luke’s High took part in the East Renfrewshire Schools Golf Competition, staged at Mearns Castle Golf Academy.

Roddy McAuley, Kyle Elrick and Anthony Phillips represented the school and produced a fantastic performance, with Kyle recording the longest drive of over 300m.

St Luke’s were proud to win the overall title, making it a new and exciting addition to the school’s sporting successes.

Watch out Rory McIlroy...the St Luke’s boys are on the tee!

A four-wheel drive design competition was next up as a team of model-makers headed to Woodfarm High, with Jennifer Jones on hand to summarising the event.

Here is Jennifer’s report:

A group from St Luke’s went to Woodfarm High to learn about the 4-by-4 car-making challenge.

The team from Woodfarm, TH3 DOC5, were extremely helpful and have convinced the pupils to start their own team after the October break.

At Woodfarm the pupils got to drive a model car and also try out some programming.

The challenge consists of designing your own car and then building it. The team has six members and they will need sponsors when they start.

Everyone is keen to get making and can’t wait to start.

Finally, a European Day of Modern Languages event gave students at St Luke’s High the chance to demonstrate their oratory skills, as reported here by Eve McAleer:

As a participant myself, I can say with great pleasure that the European Day of Modern Languages was a success.

Teachers from both departments had great fun in store for all the pupils; In modern languages, pupils got the chance to speak and listen to some French, Spanish and Italian, while in social subjects the participants took part in a general knowledge quiz.

Miss Donoghue and Miss Mooney orchestrated their department well and all participants quickly became keen learners.

We have all been there before, standing outside the French classroom saying ‘Urgh, I can’t be bothered.’ However, these people soon changed their perception after enjoying an age-appropriate way to learn languages.

There were all kinds of activities from using headphones to writing answers.

We hope to take part in this type of event more often and are grateful for all the help our S5 and S6 assistants gave us.

As the Italians say, ‘Ciao’ for now.