ELDERLY residents in a Barrhead street are celebrating after claiming victory in a battle to have giant broadband boxes removed from outside their homes.

Back in July, the Barrhead News revealed how people living in Lowndes Court blew a fuse over Virgin Media’s decision to install “eyesore” street cabinets.

Donald and Rosemary Ferguson were among those who complained about the five-feet-high boxes, which block light coming into their ground-floor flat.

Now, after meeting with a senior executive from Virgin Media, the relieved couple say their misery will soon be over, with the firm agreeing to remove the equipment.

Donald, 88, thanked town councillor Danny Devlin for taking up the case on behalf of themselves and next-door neighbour Betty McGrath, 83.

The former Fereneze Golf Club greenkeeper said: “I’m delighted because it’s been a hard-fought fight and, until Danny came into it, we were getting nowhere.

“We were at these guys nearly every day complaining but it was like hitting your head off a brick wall.”

Rosemary, 82, also told of her relief.

She said: “This has been going on since January and they (Virgin Media) just didn’t want to know. Then the chief executive for the whole of the UK came out this morning and told us the boxes would be moved.”

After breaking the story in July, we told how council chiefs confirmed broadband providers do not require planning permission to install such boxes.

Cllr Devlin is now demanding changes be made to the system.

He said: “Virgin Media has finally seen sense but they should need planning permission for these types of boxes.

“There’s got to be legislation brought in to make sure the likes of Virgin Media, with the size of these boxes, go through the planning process.”

A spokeswoman for Virgin Media confirmed it is “looking into” the complaints raised by Lowndes Court residents.

She added: “We will keep Mr and Mrs Ferguson and Ms McGrath updated.”