A SHINING example of a loving couple who were teenage sweethearts have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary.

John and Jean Kelso married on August 2, 1957 at Duntocher Trinity Parish Church – and 60 years later they are still totally devoted to one other.

The Clydebank couple are to mark their milestone with a trip to Blackpool – where the pair first laid eyes on one another.

John’s daughter Hilda Anderson said: “They had their first meeting on the bus to the seaside resort in 1954.

“When they returned from Blackpool their first date was at the La Scala pictures in Clydebank.”

However, things didn’t quite go to plan as Jean arrived at the pictures early - and grew so impatient waiting for John that she she went into the pictures herself.

Then John, upon arrival, waited outside, thinking Jean had stood him up.

However, after some some more successful dates they were engaged on Christmas Eve 1955.

John worked as a joiner in John Brown’s shipyard and Jean raised their children as well as working in Singers and Gartnavel Royal Hospital.

Hilda said: “They were blessed with five children Marrette, Isobel, Wilson, Hilda and James.

“Later both were the grandparents of nine children and great grandparents to two.

“They continue to holiday in Blackpool and will return there to celebrate 60 years together.”