PUPILS at Barrhead High are loving their new surroundings.

Youngsters haven’t taken long to feel at home in the school's new £30 million building since returning to lessons after the summer break.

Andy Sinclair, headteacher at Barrhead High, said: “We’ve got a tremendous area in the middle of the school which we’re calling the big steps – that’s become the heart of the school.

“It’s the main focal point.”

Built just a stone's throw from the former site on Aurs Road, Barrhead High pupils and teaching staff don’t have to add any extra miles to their commute.

However, it is the difference in the state-of-the-art school’s facilities which sets it apart from the previous building, which had been in use for 46 years.

Pupils have been making the most of its modern teaching spaces, extensive library, new science labs and performance and sports spaces.

The school, built using 8,000 bricks and 45,000 meters of wire, appears fully equipped to educate the town’s future generations.

Mr Sinclair told the Barrhead News students and teachers alike had enjoyed a fairly seamless start to life at the new school.

He said: “The pupils have settled in very well.

“We’ve not had much bother in terms of the pupils finding their way around. Everything has gone very smoothly.

“We’ll always have snagging issues like setting up all the IT equipment but the kids are loving it. They’re very happy with the new facilities.

“I think it is just adjusting to the new facilities of where we’re going to eat, where we go at interval, that sort of thing.

“The building changes are just a case of finishing off wee bits and pieces but most things were in place when we got here.”