FIVE Barrhead siblings will be reunited with a long-lost American cousin after 50 years thanks to an appeal in the Barrhead News.

George, Jim, Colin, Elizabeth and Janice Kerr have been put back in touch with Joanne McCall after the Oregon woman reached out to this newspaper last week.

Plans for an “amazing reunion” next year are already under way, much to Joanne’s disbelief.

The book publicity firm owner, 59, told of her joy at the thought of meeting her extended family once again.

Joanne said: “I am beyond thrilled that the Barrhead News not only ran my story, but that George got in touch so soon.

“After the year I spent searching, you accomplished this in mere minutes. It will be an amazing reunion next spring.”

Raised in Mound, on Lake Minnetonka, Joanne lived in her mum Mary Kerr’s hometown of Barrhead for almost a year when she was 10.

Fond memories of time spent at Springhill Primary and playing on the town’s streets with her cousins left Joanne desperate to reconnect with the Kerrs, whom she had, until now, been unable to track down.

George was the first of the Kerrs to contact the Barrhead News after hearing of our article.

He said: “It was quite out the blue. It was funny actually, Joanne came up in conversation the other day.

"We were wondering what she’s doing.

“My youngest brother Colin lives up near Skye, Jim lives out in Chamonix, we’re all quite spread about.

“I’m in Paisley, the only one in the family still in Barrhead is my sister Janice.

“My cousin Liz phoned me, then I spoke to my nephew who got a copy of the paper and took it out to my sister.

“I’ve contacted Joanne by email and she’s got back to me and has given me her postal address so I’ll send her a long letter bringing her up to date with all members of the family and there will be a reunion next spring.”