A BARRHEAD beauty salon played a starring role in a reality TV show.

Proud owner Claire McCarroll spoke to the Barrhead News in the wake of Salon One’s appearance on Spa Wars on ITVBe.

The Cross Arthurlie Street business was one of just three Scottish salons chosen to feature in the show, which pits owners head-to-head to determine whose treatments offer the best value for money.

Last week’s episode saw Claire, 39, battle it out with counterparts from Shawlands and Duke Street in Glasgow – an experience the Barrhead businesswoman won’t forget in a hurry.

Despite missing out on top spot, Claire said the exposure on a national TV show meant she and her staff were the real winners.

She said: “I’m super proud of my team, they all looked fabulous and the salon looked really nice. Everybody’s really delighted with it. I loved it.

“It’s been received well and I’ve had a really lovely response to it. Everyone’s saying my personality shone through.

“I think I did alright; there’s been the odd person on social media who’s said I’m dour-faced but that’s only one or two people saying that.

“My husband, who’s my biggest critic and who really didn’t want me to do it, said he’s really impressed.”

Long hours and countless retakes gave Claire a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what is involved when making a reality TV programme.

And while she hopes her business will benefit from its moment in the spotlight, Claire admitted the demands placed upon Salon One staff by producers did, at times, take their toll.

She said: “It was filmed over seven or eight days and you didn’t get in until midnight sometimes so they were long days. I’m glad I’m not famous!

“At the end of it I was wee bit emotional because they’re trying to get you reacting to certain situations. 

“I probably would do it again. Never say never.”

If you missed the show, you can catch up here.