“MINDLESS” vandals caused more than £1,000 worth of damage during eight separate attacks on cars parked on the same Barrhead street within a week.

Furious car owners in Graham Street woke up to find their vehicles scratched from one end to the other – while residents of Lochlibo Terrace had wing mirrors kicked off and tyres let down in three further incidents just days later.

The timescale of the attacks in Graham Street – and the fact each of the targeted cars had been parked on the same side of the road – has left victims in no doubt the damage is deliberate.

Many believe increasing numbers of youths gathering in nearby Maxton Park are to blame.

One victim whose leased car was damaged by the vandals, who asked not to be named, said: “On Saturday night the car was fine when we went to bed.

“The next morning the car had been keyed.

“Nobody knows who it was. A bunch of kids had went up the road but that’s as much as we know.

“There’s been no identification, there’s no CCTV down here so we can’t prove that.

“That’s the problem with these mindless people – they don’t care.

“It’s just a bit of fun for themselves.”

The man told the Barrhead News he and many other residents have no option but to park on the main road due to the design of his home of 40 years – leaving them at risk of attacks.

Residents first became aware of the damage after three vehicles were scratched overnight some time between 9pm on Monday, August 7 and 7am on Tuesday, August 8.

The same thing happened to a further five cars between 6.30pm on Friday, August 11 and 10.50am on Sunday, August 13.

Police confirmed another three cars had wing mirrors kicked off and tyres deliberately punctured in the town’s Lochlibo Terrace within the same week.

Those incidents are believed to have taken place between 11pm on Wednesday, August 9 and 9am on Thursday, August 10.

Police are now investigating each of the incidents, which they say will have a final combined repair cost of at least £1,000.

Sergeant Michael Morganthaler, who is based at Giffnock Police Station, said: “We have been speaking to witnesses to the incidents in Graham Street and Lochlibo Terrace and enquiries are ongoing.

“The combined repair cost to all these vehicles is likely to be well into four figures.

“Vandalisms to cars can be extremely costly to repair and we take all reports very seriously.

“We would welcome any information from members of the public who may have witnessed these vandalisms or who may have information relating to persons who may be responsible.

“Officers will always do everything they can to identify the persons responsible.”

Anyone with information relating to these incidents should contact police on 101.

Alternatively, details can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.