THE team behind a new Neilston skatepark say the facilities will be the wheel deal after revealing the latest designs.

Plans for the project show youngsters – and more mature thrillseekers – will be spoiled for choice when they take their boards, bikes or blades to the village’s SPT overspill car park in the autumn.

Artistic impressions shown to the Barrhead News this week show mini bowls, jump boxes, hips, extensions and metal grinding edges.

Although East Renfrewshire Council (ERC) will contribute £30,000 towards its creation, the skatepark was the brainchild of children from the village and Neilston Community Council (NCC).

John Scott, NCC chairman, said: “There’s quite a bit of excitement about the new facility, the construction of which will be started towards autumn.

“The contract has been formally awarded to Concreate.

“The design has been altered slightly. The facility is to be built from concrete with metal grinding edges. It is designed for use by skateboards, rollerblades and BMX bikes.

“It has various mini bowls, a spine, jump box, hips, extensions and tombstone.

“The design has been created to have great ‘flow of use’ and engage users with a mixture of easy and challenging features.”

The skatepark concept was originally conceived to offer kids somewhere to congregate and have fun while keeping clear of trouble.

Young Persons Services workers collaborated with the community council and kids from the area to come up with suggestions.

Those ideas, some of which were first raised in 2012, will soon come to fruition as designers have started to get to work.

Last month, we revealed ERC had been successful in its £90,000 grant application to Waste Recycling Environmental, which distributes funds to communities in the vicinity of landfill sites for projects that benefit the area.