By Monica Gibson

THE owner of an owl which escaped from its home in Neilston has been warned it may be months before the bird is back.

Mr Spock, a Eurasian Eagle Owl, has been spotted flying around the village on several occasions since he first went missing on June 26.

Graeme Stevenson and wife Roz had been training the bird to fly when he was spooked by a neighbour’s smoke alarm.

Since then, the couple have been staging nightly vigils to get their pet home safe but, every time they come close, Mr Spock becomes frightened and goes back into hiding.

Graeme said: “The last sighting was on Sunday, on a hedge in Woodnook Farm. The lady was woken by the commotion of seagulls, which would probably have scared him too.

“We know he is in the forest area near Gateside Road but the falconer who is helping us has said the worst case scenario is that it may be a couple of months before we get him back.

“We just need to keep our fingers crossed, thank all those who have been keeping an eye out for him and ask them to get in touch with any sightings or information.”

If you spot Mr Spock, call Graeme on 0748 226 5935.