SNP candidate Kirsten Oswald hopes to be re-elected as the MP for East Renfrewshire, having warned voters of the “twin threat” posed by the Conservatives and Labour.

Ms Oswald claims the Tories hope this election will rubber-stamp their hard-right policies, giving them a free hand for the next five years.

“Electing a Tory here simply provides Theresa May with more voting fodder to damage lives in East Renfrewshire,” she said.

Ms Oswald also insists Labour are consumed by infighting as the party seeks votes in the General Election.

She added: “Adding another combatant to Labour’s ranks will achieve nothing for the people in our communities.”

Ms Oswald said that, during her time as a SNP MP, she was guided by the things people told her were important.

She continued: “It has been a privilege to represent East Renfrewshire over the past two years.

“When I was elected in 2015, I promised to work hard for every person in our local communities and that is exactly what I have done.

“Our community deserves an MP who puts local people first. I have dealt with thousands of constituency issues, run hundreds of busy surgeries and met with local groups at every opportunity.

“We all win if we have a local MP whose heart is in our area and who will always champion East Renfrewshire.

“At Westminster, I made sure our communities were highlighted as never before. The things local people told me were important guided me in my work.

“I consistently made more speeches, asked more questions and laid down more motions than most MPs.”

Ms Oswald added: “Only the SNP can beat the Tories here and give the people of East Renfrewshire a voice as Scotland and the UK face the challenges ahead.”