POLICE investigating the armed robbery of an elderly woman in her own home stopped passers-by one week on in the hope of finding new clues.

Bilquis Choudry, 69, suffered a “horrific ordeal” when three masked men burst into her house while she was alone on Monday, April 10, and demanded gold and cash.

The thugs, one of whom was armed with a screwdriver, only left when she told them her son was on his way.

They escaped with £4,500 in cash but were chased by family members and two of the suspects were photographed fleeing in a dark grey Volvo driven by a fourth man, while the remaining suspect escaped on foot.

The robbery happened in Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock, at around 5.30pm.

One week later, police questioned motorists and passers-by on the road, in the hope of jogging people’s memories.

Detective Inspector Ian Hylands, who is leading the investigation, said: “Since the incident last week, we’ve collected CCTV and numerous witness statements but we would still like to speak to anyone who has information relating to this incident, indeed anyone who may know the identity of the people responsible for this.

“The reason for this exercise is to speak to anyone who may have been driving along Rouken Glen Road last week at this time who may have any information that will assist in catching those responsible.

“The family are finding it difficult to come to terms with what they have been through.

“I would appeal for anyone who may know those responsible for this cowardly act to contact the police.”

No one was injured during the robbery.

Describing her ordeal last week, mother-of-three Mrs Choudry said: “I was talking on the phone to my friend and suddenly the line went dead.

“They had cut the phone line. I went to the other room and three men burst in. They told me to sit down and were asking ‘Where’s your gold?Where’s your money?’

“I just prayed to God and hoped everything would be okay.”