POLICE have launched an investigation after a Barrhead mum claimed a man tried to abduct her daughter.

Nicola Rush said she was left horrified when she learned her 12-year-old girl Chelsea had been targeted as she walked home from her aunt’s house.

The worried mum wants other parents to be on their guard while police probe the incident.

Nicole, 29, told the News that St Luke's High pupil Chelsea had been walking through Stormyland Way in the early hours of the morning last Wednesday when the incident took place.

Chelsea and her aunt, Tamie Fordyce, who was with her at the time, noticed four men standing beside a blue van.

Nicola said that, as Chelsea and Tamie walked by, the group – described as "foreign" in appearance – got into the van and headed towards the end of the street, before one of them got out near to Craigpark Veterinary Centre.

Wary the man was following them, Chelsea and Tamie headed for Barrhead Police Station, where he eventually ended his pursuit.

Mother-of-two Nicola said: “I just felt sick when I heard what had happened.

“Chelsea was being sick at the police station because of all the adrenaline.

“She’s not allowed out on her own just now and I would ask other parents to be very cautious and know where their children are.

“Make sure they have a mobile phone with them all the time.”

Nicola said the van spotted by Chelsea and Tamie had its engine running at the time, with the lights on and the doors open.

She added: “Four men were standing up against it. My sister had paused and thought that it looked a bit suspicious.

“All four men went into the van and one must have been let out at the bottom, near the car park. The guy was speed walking and then he started to run.

“He chased them down Main Street, so they ran straight to the police station but no officers were there.

“My sister phoned 999. She could see the guy standing at the Bank of Scotland, looking on his phone, but he eventually left.”

Police Scotland has confirmed that an investigation is under way but added that officers have yet to establish any criminality.

Sergeant Michael Morganthaler, who is based at Giffnock Police Station, said: “Police received a report regarding this incident. It is being investigated.”