POLICE have vowed to take a “zero tolerance” approach to domestic violence in East Renfrewshire.

Community Inspector John McQuilter, deputy area commander, told the Barrhead News: “We are committed to providing a professional, sensitive and consistent service to all victims of domestic abuse.

“We do not tolerate those individuals who perpetrate domestic abuse and cause their victims unimaginable harm, resulting in them living in constant fear.

“We focus on keeping people safe and this means protecting victims from further harm.”

Police stressed that, although many people think of physical violence when domestic abuse is discussed, it can take many forms.

Controlling someone’s finances or their freedom is also abuse.

Inspector McQuilter added: “You can report abuse by calling 101 or, in an emergency, dialling 999.

“You can also visit any police office or speak to an officer via the Police Scotland website.

“You can also contact one of our partners, such as East Renfrewshire social work, ASSIST, Victim Support, Woman’s Aid, Male Domestic Violence or the National Domestic Abuse helpline.”