BARRHEAD schools will get up to £100,000 more in funds compared to schools in more affluent areas.

The Scottish government has released its pupil equity funding figures for the next financial year.

Compared to schools in the more affluent neighbouring areas of Giffnock and Clarkston, Barrhead schools are set to get the lion’s share of the cash pot.

The town’s five primary schools will get £352,400 between them while Barrhead and St Luke’s High Schools will receive £61,200 and £62,400 respectively.

It is hoped that the money will help close the attainment gap in schools which are underperforming compared to their peers due to socio-economic factors such as deprivation.

And the cash will not be controlled or spent by the local authority – head teachers will have the final say on what it is used for.

After publishing the details, education secretary John Swinney said: “I want every child in Scotland to have the best possible start in life, and it is unacceptable for those from poor backgrounds to have their chances limited by things outside their control.

“This government has made clear our priority is to close the poverty-related attainment gap and our new £120m Pupil Equity Funding is aimed at doing that.”

The money is being divided according to how many children in primary classes and the first three years of secondary school are entitled to free meals.

The list reveals that 2,513 primary, secondary and special schools will benefit from the new scheme.

The money is in addition to the funds schools receive from their local council.

The full breakdown of the figures for Barrhead and Neilston is as follows:

  • Carlibar Primary: £123,000
  • St Mark’s Primary: £121,000
  • Springhill and Auchenback: £56,000
  • St John’s Primary: £52,800
  • Cross Arthurlie Primary: £52,000
  • Neilston Primary: £43,200
  • St Thomas’ Primary: £22,800
  • St Luke’s High: £62,400
  • Barrhead High: £61,200