FOOD hygiene standards in East Renfrewshire eateries are among the best in Scotland with a tasty 93 per cent passing inspections.

Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, takeaways and cafes were all visited by the government’s Food Standards Agency with East Renfrewshire being ranked fourth out of 32 local authority areas.

Renfrewshire scored slightly higher with 97 per cent of outlets in the region receiving pass marks during the inspections.

The study was carried out by and based on data taken from the FSA website last December.

East Renfrewshire was one of only four local authority areas in Scotland where all its 12 pubs and nightclubs passed the inspections.

The figure for Renfrewshire which has 165 outlets was 98 per cent.

When it came to restaurants and cafes, the two areas were almost identical, with 94.7 percent of the 264 in Renfrewshire getting a pass, and 94.5 per cent of the 84 in East Renfrewshire doing the same.

Renfrewshire was also tops for takeaways, with 96 percent of its 175 shops serving up pass marks coming fourth overall among Scottish local authorities.

For East Renfrewshire the figure was slightly lower at 86.67 per cent of 60 outlets.

Food outlets in Scotland are subject to the Food Hygiene Information Scheme (FHIS) under which local authorities carry out an inspection of relevant businesses, and provide them with either a pass or improvement required rating.

Linda Firth, director of Love My Vouchers, said: “We conducted this study to raise awareness about food hygiene standards.

“When people only have a limited budget for eating out, they want to be sure they are spending their hard earned money in restaurants and cafes that care about food safety.”

Highland had the worse pub ratings and along with the City of Edinburgh and Moray, it was also the worse areas for food hygiene ratings.

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